Which news is more economical to country? Spot fixing or Rape???

Refresh: I was just shocked to see this morning the seriousness of the news in all news channels and top journals all over WORLD. Spot Fixing! I just don’t understand, how this news is more serious than the life’s of those innocent girls, who were brutally used to just fulfill the minutes of sexual desires by ruthless monsters (so called just … opposite sex). How come our India became so insecure for our sisters and mothers??? 

Rethink: Spot fixing is not even in lime light since 1947 or say when the jurisdiction was made brought to public. But yes, we live in this country much much before that. Don’t we deserve to give the immediate justice to those victims?? The players who were found guilty can be brought to their knees and get term / life bans in days. How come they forgot to write a line of safety for our poor fellow Indians in the same jurisdiction, who are stepping outside everyday for their livelihood with fear and insecurity of their lives. 

Replay: It’s time. It’s time to show to the world that we value life over cricket. Raise your voices. Just show them that what happened in Delhi was just a reaction which shook entire country. If Government is not for the people, then why people should be with Government?. 

Refresh … Rethink … Replay